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All of my products are my own JoHenna Design brand. Visit my Etsy shop for more information and to purchase!

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Wooden Journals

JoHenna Design's artwork transfers seamlessly to Woodchuck USA's wooden journals. These journals can contain lined, blank or grid paper for all types of use. Please take a moment to read through some information about Woodchuck USA and their passions. These journals are fully custom with the ability to decorate the spine, back, tag, and front sides. Keep up your journaling while helping the planet at the same time!

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WOODCHUCK USA manufactures technology-driven wood products and specializes in customization. WOODCHUCK USA was founded with a simple mission: putting nature back into people's lives. We are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth. Our passion is to be a daily reminder of our planets vulnerability by using our real wood products and planting a tree with every product sold. Our way of making a better world for future generations is us bringing jobs back to America while bringing quality products to our consumers. It's not about us, it's about our planet and how we can make a difference now.


Bringing nature back to people’s lives while leaving the planet better off than we found it is the reason we started this company - and while making a product as cool as the stories that inspire adventure is our forte - creating those moments to experience the wonder of nature is what it’s really all about. Our products are a gentle reminder to get out, explore and let nature invigorate you.


It's a simple word, but those who know it understands it's true meaning. Quality means dedication to craftsmanship. This craftsmanship starts with design conception, goes into manufacturing, and lasts throughout the life of a product. Authenticity can be the only judge of quality. We ensure every product we release meets our design objectives: be premium, bring nature into people's lives, be authentic and inspire adventure.


We believe in a philosophy of American pride that started this country. It's about reviving pride in products, pride in design, pride in manufacturing, and pride in the future. The fact that we're making our products here in America, the choice we've made to make our product here - has a huge impact in and around our community, and across the globe.

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